how to get voip license in india english

how to get voip license in india english

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how to get VoIP license in India English - good morning in the last couple of days we presented a video where we told you what is right to private defense right to private defense it will scroll again now allows you the right the freedom to defend your own body your own property and also that of somebody else in India it is increasingly becoming commonplace for a bunch of goons to round you up and give you a sound thrashing for any reason that suits them at that moment you're sitting with your girlfriend eight guys surround you and tell you you are doing something wrong in the name of culture beat you up your car happens to brush somebody else before you know the entire village descends upon you and beats you into a pulp - how to get voip license in india english

 ten people 15 people ganging up and beating up somebody who's alone has become a dreg your fact in modern-day living in India and now there is hope thanks to justice SB chakra and outstanding judgment from Aurangabad bench of Bombay High Court just as chakra has allowed an advocate to own a gun after he was refused that permission by the district magistrate twice and the usual reason that is given for refusing you to have a firearm license is that you don't face a particular threat so you don't need a gun in this instance the petitioner was a 31-year-old advocate great thanks to him for standing up to his rights and also for opening something which will become a source of private defense for everybody else in India he applies for a gun the police report says there is no particular threat that he faces so he doesn't need a gun so he goes to

 the district magistrate relies on the police report and refuses him a license aggrieved by this order he approaches the High Court and just shook refines for him and tells in no uncertain terms that he has a right to apply for the license and he has a right to get it because it's a fundamental right that he has enshrined in the Constitution of India to protect his own body and depending on his reputation his own threat perception he can apply for one within 30 days the district magistrate has been asked to give him that license now in the United States it's very common and therefore these incidents also happen where somebody - how to get voip license in india english

pulls out a gun and goes around on a shooting spree this is very likely to happen in India if the gun license is given to the wrong guy who will flash it at the first instance or an opportunity it must be given to somebody of sound mind great reputation mental balance so on and so forth and there are mechanisms to find whether one is or one is not fitting into that criteria but this much I know that things may change now if people are able to defend themselves against a bodily threat that lies waiting and lurking in the corner go ahead and apply for this license go ahead and get yourself a gun if you feel you live in a locality where the threat perception - how to get voip license in india english

 is very high go and get it if you feel it is required that you need it to preserve the sanctity of your body or that of your mother or wife and even if you want to protect your own property there are instances of robberies happening ladies are getting assaulted even killed because they don't have any way to defend themselves a gun may change that there are dacoity is happening in different parts of India that may change if you have a firearm in your house you're right you're driving a vehicle you encounter you meet with an unfortunate accident it is just an accident that is what is the meaning of the word accident and now you're surrounded by 20 people from the locality who baying for your blood a gun may probably hold them till help arrives - how to get voip license in india english

how to get voip license in india english -  so go ahead and take advantage of this law you can own your own gun relevant provision section 3 section 4 section 13 section 14 of the Arms Act shall scroll down now and for your own benefit the right to private defense will also scroll down now thank you for watching me this show is about making you powerful by knowing certain laws that will come to your aid when you need them so subscribe bye bye - how to get voip license in india english

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