how to do full screen chrome

how to do full screen chrome

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full-screen chrome - hey what's up guys I'm Shik aka from Declan's gadgets and Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser in the world in this video I'm going to tell you about some amazing chrome features that will take your browser experience to the next level so let's get started if it is your first time here don't forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell I concur never miss any updates first up is Chrome do it we all know that accessing the address bar the menu button and the tabs button from the top bar in Google - full-screen chrome

Chrome is very tough especially in big-screen smartphones now there is an amazing new UI in Google Chrome that you can enable to fix that problem just go to chrome Flags by typing this in the address bar and you will be welcomed to Google Chrome experimental features page this is where all the magic happens just search for Chrome duet and they will find the Chrome duet option just click on default and click on enabled and now you need to relaunch your Google Chrome browser you might need to relaunch your Chrome browser a couple of times if you'll see the changes now you'll see that the entire top section has moved to the bottom here we find the home button to go to the home screen the share button to share this webpage - full-screen chrome

the search button to Google your queries directly from the bottom without accessing the top search bar the tab switcher at the easier position and the menu button that can be accessed very easily this is the better chrome user interface and more user friendly you should definitely enable it Google Chrome in Android has a news 5 gesture navigation that enables you to go forward and backward between pages using gestures again go to Chrome flags and search for his twin app in the search bar and they will find his true navigation with gesture click on it and click on enabled now relaunch a Google Chrome a couple of times now you can just swipe right to go forward and swipe left to go back these intuitive gestures are very user friendly and you should definitely try it next up is parallel downloading it happens that when - full screen chrome

 sometimes we download a large file and Google Chrome the Downloads gets canceled or it's pretty slow now here comes parallel downloading go to Chrome flags and search for parallel download and then make sure parallel downloading is enabled this enables chrome to create parallel jobs to download a certain file and next time we'll notice significantly better download speeds accessibility tab switcher now there are basically two kinds of tabs which are in Google Chrome for Android for essential types which are and this one vertical tab which are but someone who has a lot of tabs and can't manage them all there's a very more functional and simple snap switcher that you can enable go to Chrome flags and search for Ecsta ability tab switcher and they will find this option just enable it and relaunch your Chrome a couple of times now - full-screen chrome

when you click on the tab switcher you'll see a simple and functional drop-down list that includes all your current tabs and you can click any one of them to go to that particular page this is very functional and easy to use did you know you can change your search engine in Google Chrome for Android, for example, you can change your search engine from to a more privacy-focused search engine called DuckDuckGo to do that click on the three-dot menu and go to settings and they will find search engine click on it and click on DuckDuckGo now all your queries will be sent to doctor go comm which is more privacy focus than well doctor go is not as a feature which is Google but the search engine values your privacy more - full-screen chrome

full screen chrome - than anything last but not the least use your Google Chrome browser as file manager this sounds pretty cool right just type file SD card in the address bar and when you click on it it will take you to internal storage you can browse your files just like that so guys these are some of the hidden chrome features that are worth using if you liked this video don't forget to smash the like button below do share this video with your friends and family and do subscribe to my channel until then I'll see you again in my next video thanks for watching - full screen chrome

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